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Call Center List Management

Built as a simple, easy-to-use tool within TCN’s award-winning cloud call center platform, List Management allows any call center to interact with their data in real-time. Whether you are grabbing information from an SFTP server or via manual upload, LMS enables your data to be enriched, parsed, or filtered on an unlimited amount of customizability.

Interacting with your data has never been easier.

Benefits of List Management

  • A Central Data Repository – Serves as the new central repository for data and the connection point from all outside inputs for TCN’s advanced cloud contact center platform.
  • Advanced Data Management – Allows TCN’s machine learning engines to draw upon its data for advanced decision processing. It enables data enrichment with other key TCN services such as cell phone scrubbing and compliance.
  • Increased Visibility – Allows easier API access and clear activity views across any communication channel regardless of agent activity.
  • Greater Administrative Efficiencies – Saves time and effort in migrating and managing data while reducing the potential for errors.

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