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Manually Approved Calling

How it Works

With TCN’s Manually Approved Calling (MAC), a subset of agents can review and approve calls for other agents. During approval, agents are presented with 3rd party contact information (this is shown in the same format it will appear as on the agent screen during the actual call), giving them the information they need to decide if the call should be approved. The agent then simply presses the “Approve” button to add it to the call queue or “Reject” to cancel the call.

Increase Call Center Compliance 

Unlike preview campaigns, which require agents to wait through no answer calls and busy signals, Manually Approved Calling allows agents to be presented live answers only. While still requiring human interaction to initiate the call, your active agents spend less time waiting and more time speaking with your customers. Naturally, our built-in functionality allows your call center to maintain TCPA compliance while not jeopardizing efficiency.

Take Control of Your Calls

  • Unified interface seamlessly switches between approving calls and taking calls.
  • Manually approve phone numbers without the need for separate campaigns or initiatives (e.g. cell phones only).
  • Agents see all account information available and not just a phone number, providing a much better opportunity to quickly review each account in real-time.
  • No calls are placed without first having an assigned agent approve the specific call information.

Manual Dialer

A Manual Dialer allows for agents to pause their queue for new incoming calls and manually dial a phone number. Using a Manual Dialer provides a way for agents to make follow-up calls or dial again if they were disconnected.

Request a demo to learn more about TCN’s Manually Approved Calling or Manual Dialer features.