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Notifications and Promotions

No matter your business, you want to get the word out about what you do, FAST—a sale you’re having, a service you’re offering, or an event you’re sponsoring. Likewise, as your customers rely ever more on mobile devices for information, they expect constant connectivity and immediacy in customer service.

TCN Notify delivers customer contact in real time.

TCN Notify requires no hardware or software purchases, while offering a range of features that are as effective as they are easy to use.

Contacts Made Simple

Thousands of Calls Per Minute

TCN leverages the power of the cloud to offer unsurpassed speed and capacity.

Call List Segmentation

With TCN Notify, you can segment your call lists according to your preferred criteria. Whether you want to reach contacts of a certain age, in a particular geographic region, or with a particular purchase history, the system makes it easy for you to target your calls.


TCN Notify allows you to customize calls with the recipient’s name and/or other specific information, such as a birthday greeting, appointment date, or offer tied to demographic data or purchase history.

Customized Mapping

If you would like to reach contacts in a particular geographical area with an offer, warning or service notification, simply select the desired areas on a map, and the system will instantly generate a customized call list.

Real-Time Reporting

TCN Notify offers detailed, customized, real-time reports, allowing you to evaluate and adjust your call campaign immediately.

Polling and Surveying

Contact customers or prospects for feedback and opinions. Confirmation keys make it easy for call recipients to respond, and real-time reporting tallies results instantly.

Our notification solution for the contact center can support an infinite number of applications:

  • Auto dealerships announcing new lines of vehicles
  • Museums hosting new exhibits
  • Medical offices sending appointment reminder calls
  • Political activists seeking constituent support
  • Church groups inviting members to attend
  • Newspapers asking subscribers to renew
  • Schools alerting parents about attendance
  • Businesses marketing their products and services.

Request a Demo: Click or call today and let TCN help transform your contact center.

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